Global Email Reply Forward Address – When any reply or message is sent to it will forward that message to any email address that you have specified in the forwarding.

Setting up a Global Email Reply Forward Address in your domain/s should be done in each of your domains.

To setup Global Email Reply Forward Address in your domain/s, please follow the steps below:

MCC Account Dashboard > Email Marketing > Profile and IPs > Domains > click settings inline your domain > input your email address in the Global Email Reply Forward Address field > click Update Setting button

Do the same process in each of your other domains.

NOT Recommended¬†This setting will forward all replies to your domain to an email address of your choice. We suggest to use our view reply section and POP/IMAP connection interface to access replies! Warning this may send a lot of email to your address and we suggest to use addresses with zero spam filters. This setting will not work well for forwarding email to general ISP’s such as gmail,yahoo,aol and we are not able to troubleshoot email forwarding issues.

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