For the campaign test run, there are 2 options.


1. Preview Test
This will allow you to send a preview email of any of your messages.

To do so, go to Email Marketing > Messages > View Messages > click the message you want to test > scroll down to Send Preview Email > input your email address > click Send Preview Email button

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not use the advanced settings for now since it’s still experiencing some bugs and our tech team is still working on it.

2. Regular Test Campaign
You need to create and upload an email list containing just your test email/s. This will be the email list you will select when sending out your test campaign.

 Please treat your test runs as a regular campaign. You need to only send a campaign message just once for each email list to avoid your sending profile from getting flagged. Sending the same message to the same email list more than once will result in getting blacklisted. If you want to conduct another test run, kindly use a different sending profile if you are using the same message. If you want to use the same sending profile, please use a different message.

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