The system supports personalization in both the subject line, from name and the body of the message

The format of personalization is <#columnname#> where column name is the name of the column inside your list lowercase.

Example if you had a list that had columns firstname and lastname inside your message you could enter

Hello <#firstname#> <#lastname#>

Message here

That message will show the user’s firstname and lastname from your list.

Default values in personalization

If your field is empty in your list you can use a prefilled value in that case.

For example, your list contains firstname and some of the entries in your list are empty you can use the default value the <#fieldname|yourvaluehere#> in field to display alternate text

Dear <#firstname|marketing manager#>

If the above example if firstname is empty in the list it would appear as “Dear marketing manager”

This feature works both in the subject line and body of the message.

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