Assuming that you already logged in to MailClickConvert website.

Now what you have to do next is go to Email Marketing, under that, you will see Campaigns then Create Campaign as shown on the image below.

Before moving forward there must be two things that you should’ve accomplished now. First is you must have uploaded your contact list and second is you must have uploaded your emailing list. 

If you already have the two requirements ready then go ahead and proceed to the next step.

Once you click the Create Campaign that labeled as number 3, there will be a Create Campaign option that you are going to see, in this case just select the box on the left that labeled as number 4.

This is the part wherein you can enter all the necessary information.

The first line is where you can put the name of your campaign. In this example I put Email Campaign 1, you can customize this depending on your preference. 

The second line is the Campaign start date. You can automatically set up your campaign start date, hour, minute and meridian anytime you want but I highly suggest to send out the emails during office hours. 

You have to keep in mind that this is on the CST time zone by default. You can change the time zone in the settings. This is noted below in the blue circle.

The subject line is where you include your subject that you will be using to your email. This is the subject line that the recipients are going to see once they receive your email. 

From Name, this is totally customizable it can be your full name, your company name, or the brand name that you are promoting, it’s up to you to decide. 

What this does is when the recipient looks at the From Name it will say in this example it is from John Smith.

From Address, this is basically the email address that the recipient will see when he looks at it, in this scenario, it is sales @ sending profile. Sending profile is the domains that we have set up into your account. For example, the domain that we have set up is So the from address is just the prefix before the sending profile. This is also customizable so you can use any from address that you like.

Assuming that you have already uploaded the email message that will be sent out. So click on the box and choose the message that will be sending out. Picture below for your reference. 

Same as the list, assuming that you have already uploaded the list so click on the box and select the list that will be using to send out the campaign.

Now let’s go to the last part. You will have an option to send to the full list or partial list.

In the example below, I select partial list so the Index option will appear. Let’s say you will send it to just 5k list initially but the size of your list is 20k total. What you have to do is click partial list on the Start Index put number 1 and into the End Index put 5000. What it will do is it will send it to the first 5k records on that list. But if you want to send it in full then select Full list. 

On the 3rd arrow, you will see an option. If your email template is graphically designed I highly suggest to keep the box check that says Add View as a Web Page Link. But if your email template is just plain text you can uncheck this.

The last option that you can see here is the Sending speed. Assuming that this is the first campaign that you will be launching so let’s use the standard speed which is 120 emails/hr. As you go along and launched several campaigns your client success manager will let you know what type of speed you can use. 

Once done click on Create Campaign.

The campaign that you created can be found under Email Marketing. Just simply click Campaigns and select Campaign Status. You can see the status of your campaign and if you want to edit it you can do that too, just click the campaign and you will be directed to the page wherein you can change anything that you want to change. After editing just click Edit campaign.

If you need anything just reach out to your client success manager.

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2 Responses to “How to Create a Campaign”

  1. Nicolas Ullah

    Hey I was wondering if I can customize my emails with [first name] – can I pull first name from my uploaded list to make my email more personlized?

    • david

      Hi Nicolas,

      Absolutely. The system supports personalization in both the subject line, from name and the body of the message

      The format of personalization is <#columnname#> where column name is the name of the column inside your list lowercase.

      If you need further assistance on how to set this up, please reach out to your client success manager.


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