What I am going to show you is how to create a support ticket if you have questions and concerns.

There will be 2 different ways on how to do it. I will show you the first one.
Log in to your Mailclickconvert account. As seen on the screenshot below under the Support button you will see Submit Ticket, click it.

Now after you click the Submit Ticket button you will be directed to this page below. There are 3 parts that you can fill up. First is the Subject wherein you can put here the topic that you are inquiring about. Then on the Message part is the detailed information of your message. Then the last part is optional like if you need to attach a file or a picture you just have to click on Browse then upload the file. Once everything is good just click the Submit Ticket button below.

Now here’s the other way to submit a ticket support other than the instructions above.

Log in to your Mailclickconvert account. Normally you really don’t need to click Dashboard button because when you log in this is the default page or the first page that you will see.

However, if you are somewhere in the middle of the page doing other things and wants to submit a ticket just click Dashboard. Once you see this page click Submit ticket as shown in the screenshot below.

You will be directed into this page wherein you can write what the ticket is all about. On the subject is where you can tell the topic of the ticket and the Message is wherein you can put into detail the concerns or questions that you have. Then you have an option if you want to attach a
file just simply click browse and navigate where the file is in your computer. Once everything is done click Submit Ticket.

After submitting the tickets on whatever method you use on filing a ticket support, you just have to wait for the response of your client success manager.

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