A successful cold email campaign relies on a structured, strict and consistent sending schedule. Setting up send hours for your campaign can make a huge difference and could be the missing piece you need make your campaigns successful.

What send schedule should you use?

What has worked with a lot of our clients is sending during works hours. So depending on what industry you’re in, you can set up your campaign to go out from 8am to 5pm (work days only).

If you’re not sure with what time you should launch your campaign, reach out to your assigned Client Success Manager to get help.

How do i setup send hours?

Please follow the steps bellow:

MCC Account Dashboard > Email Marketing > Campaigns > click Create Campaign

It will load up the Create Campaign page > Fill out all the necessary information in the page > scroll down and click Show Advanced Settings button

Scroll down to the Campaign Send Hours (Optional) section and assign your desired sending hours for each day. Please check out our Campaign Send Hours recommendation.

Once you have setup your campaign send hours, click on create campaign. The campaign now will only be sending during the days and times you have set it up.

Note: All times are in CST (Central Standard Time).

Keeping your send schedule consistent is key. Make sure you follow this exact schedule with your other campaigns. You want to “train” ISP’s to recognize your send patterns. This helps to build domain and IP reputation, potentially increasing the overall success of your campaigns.

If you need anything just reach out to your client success manager. You can also reach out to our support team at any time by submitting a ticket. Here is how: Login to your MCC account > Main Menu > Support > Submit Ticket

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