Let’s say you want to re-run the same campaign and just want to edit out one small detail but you don’t want to re-create the entire campaign from scratch. Well, you’re in luck. In this quick tip guide we will show you how to easily re-send a campaign without starting from scratch.

Assuming you’re already logged into your account:

Step 1: Navigate to the Campaign Reports tab under the main Campaigns tab.

In the example bellow you will see 2 campaigns so and lets assume that you want to resend one of them. Choose which of those campaigns you would like to resend.

Step 2: After selecting which campaign you want to resend, look for the Status. Refer on the example below. You can see a completed status with an open and close parentheses on the word Resend that is highlighted in blue. Click the word Resend.

You might be familiar with the page below since you’ve already come this far. So basically after clicking Resend you will be directed to the Create Campaign page. If you scroll through the page, you will notice that everything has already been filled out with the exact same information that you have previously used except on the Calendar. You have to manually change the date and time depending on when you plan to send it out.

Once you are on this page, this is the perfect time to edit or change the sending speed if you want to scale it up or down it’s up to you. You can also change the sending profile if you want to.

Once you have edited the campaign to your satisfaction, click Create Campaign located at the bottom of the page to launch the re-send.

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