Our system has a built-in data scrub which will process your email list upon upload. With the built-in data scrub, we are basing it with the system’s historical data that consist of spam traps, frequent complainers, bad addresses but NOT subscribers. The active number on the “view lists” page refers to the number of email addresses that are still valid to send to on your next campaign. The active number is any email that is not part of the inactive or suppressed email groups. This number changes when you send out emails or if an address no longer exists the active count will go down. This is the free email verification that takes place upon upload.

To see the overall break down:

Step 1: Under the email marketing tab, click on contact list
Step 2: Click on view list
Step 3: Select your list

Step 4: Click on List Stats.

Here’s a sample of the result. As shown in the image below. This will show you exactly what the breakdown of your list is.

If you need anything just reach out to your client success manager. You can also reach out to our support team at any time by submitting a ticket. Here is how: Login to your MCC account > Main Menu > Support > Submit Ticket

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