When uploading, our system has an internal data base of bad and suppressed email addresses, known complainers etc.  What happens during the upload is our system will perform an initial scan cross referencing your list against our internal data base. If your list has any pre-identified bad email, our system will mark it out. This is the free email verification that takes place upon upload.

To see the overall break down:

Step 1: Under the email marketing tab, click on contact list
Step 2: Click on view list
Step 3: Select your list

Step 4: Click on List Stats.

Here’s a sample of the result. As shown in the image below. This will show you exactly what the breakdown of your list is.

If you need anything just reach out to your client success manager. You can also reach out to our support team at any time by submitting a ticket. Here is how: Login to your MCC account > Main Menu > Support > Submit Ticket

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